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A continuation of my previous post about taking pictures of the street from inside a car. I managed to find some more pictures that I liked and decided to show them off here in the blog. Enjoy!

“A classic car stuck in traffic (well, us too…) on the Southern Luzon Expressway – I wonder if it had air-conditioning….”

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Happy b’day to your husband.

FASHION du jour

I’m a very blessed woman!  I am married to a man that accepts me flaws and all, loves me wholly, protects me, is loyal to me and makes me feel like I’m as desirable to him today as I was when we met.  Can’t beat that!  Today is his birthday and the kids and I get to celebrate him and cater to him for the entire week, simply because he deserves it.  Gosh, I just had to take a second because I became teary-eyed at the fact that this amazing man who does all these amazing things, is mine.  I’m a very blessed woman!

I love you Jonathan Young!

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People. In stuff. And space.

Amazing fashion stuff.

“I’ll Be Your Commander”

You really look like a commander.


Yesterday, I tweeted that I purchased my first transition from summer to autumn piece and in response I got a gush of tweets saying “already!?!?!”. Lets face it we haven’t got many sunny days left for the year so why not prepare early, plus I have my eye on quite a few items already for next winter…. errr Topshop aviator jacket please!! Well that is untill I spotted this beauty of a jacket from H&M trend. The trend section never lets me down, its my safe haven when the ultimate chaos of Topshop starts to send me into a fashionista fit!

I simply adore the tailoring on this jacket, it is so strong yet it grips my waist perfectly! We would love to know what your key pieces for winter are ?

H&M Trend Military Jacket

H&M Trend Military Jacket with Zara Clogs

How to style clogs

Blazer-H&M Trend, Clogs-Zara, Ring H&M, Dress- New Look.



The Queens

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As we know, Fashion Week is a hectic time and given the multitude of shows and blogs reporting on them, it gets hard to keep up (not to mention it happens in 4 different countries). Sure, we can read Vogue articles or daily Tweets to keep up with the individual shows, but how do we get a clear and concise overview of an entire week’s worth of designer shows?

Using the concept of the infographic, a social media tool that presents complex statistics in simple visual form, Editd is a site that finally helps accumulate and analyse data for any given Fashion Week.

For example, here is London Fashion Week broken down:

As you can see, a brief overview is given at the top of the page which is followed on by section after section of graphs that chart popular trends, designers, looks and tweets from the Front Row.

Editd does not…

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Seeds Of Remembrance

Dear Followers,

Above is a young 15 year old girl named Phoebe. Phoebe has never stood in front of a camera in such a way that she did yesterday with me. I absolutely love her unique look and style that she portrays in front of the camera. I dont know Phoebe well, but I went for it anyways. So I took a go at it and asked if she would be willing to model for my weird style of shooting. She was so willing and the perfect match for this shoot! I have always loved the weird styles that Vogue and Bazar include so I wanted to challenge myself  with a very different shoot.

My idea for the shoot came to me an hour before I started shooting. I set up an old backdrop that my dad had, and collected many props. The clothes I styled her in were all a combination…

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It started when I was about 12, I think. I was going out with a boy called Joe, my first serious boyfriend 🙂 he made me tremendously happy and feel so mature for my age, when really he was the total opposite. He was friends with joe, quite good friends they hung out and were in the same year.
We became best friends, constantly writing notes between classes, we would call and text all the time, once being on the phone for 5 hours! Joe and I were on a break (a constant thing when your only 13, oh the dramas!) He asked me out…..I had to tell him I was still really with joe. It broke his heart.
There was something about him, he made me happy, he wanted to be around me constantly, he wanted to impress me and hated to see me sad. When I was 13…

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